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It’s as important to look after our mental health as it is to look after our physical health but sometimes it’s hard to reach out for support and start that first conversation.

However, healthy dialogue is one of the most important aspects of good mental health and leaving things unsaid and unresolved can often make symptoms worse.

Mental health issues are more common than you may think and there are a number of NHS services and charities that offer free support to improve our wellbeing.

They want to hear from you if you’re concerned about your mental health in any way.

You can find details of how to access different kinds of support in the four videos below which cover:

  1. Feeling low or down
  2. Feeling anxious or depressed
  3. Emergency support
  4. Bereavement support
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The information given in these videos is not intended to be a complete list of all the free support which may be available. Instead, it points to some key services and organisations which may signpost you to others if necessary. 

1) If you’re feeling a bit low or down, play this video to find out how you can access the right help for you.

2) There is information for you in this video if you’re feeling anxious, depressed or are struggling to cope with life.

3) If you’re in crisis and need urgent help, play this video to find out where you can get emergency support.

4) Specialist bereavement support is available if you’re struggling to cope with the loss of a loved one. Play this video to find support local to you.

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